3D PIXELS Technology


How Do These Displays Work?

With light reflection, these displays create 3D, full color and suspended images in a trapped glass room. That could be a 3D model of a product, a company introduction, industrial and constructional projects maquette and/or a 3D narration of a production process.


Benefits of Utilization

  • Its high impact because of rendering variable and combined contents.
  • Its Wow Factor degree is so high. This would cause the brand experience to elevate and this experience will frequently be shared with others by audiences.
  • It has high capability of Crowd stopping.
  • Taking advantage of very attractive holographic effects.
  • Full HD quality: The content could be produced and presented in full color, clear and with Full HD (1920 x1080) resolution. (at the time being Diamond 120 display has 4K quality option.)
  • Virtual Reality: These displays create an astonishing virtual real story out of your intended scenario that would enchant the viewers by its beauty and details.
  • A real and imaginary narration: An animation with exciting mix of pictures of real products along with a 3D narration of your products features and services.
  • These displays will give you a unique competitive privilege that will make you distinctive from your opponents and make amazement, watching enjoyment and explains the intended features with the highest quality possible.

Technical benefits

  1. In this systems, in comparison with common computer systems, the process of content display does not need any users.
  2. These displays do not catch virus and by pushing one button the whole prerequisite operation of the show will be done and the content will be displayed.
  3. The show programs schedule can be planned and performed in advance and there is no need of supervising or monitoring.
  4. By possessing one display and supplying the contents of each product/ program/project; you can save the presentation and unveiling expenses.

““This technology has been innovated to put your brand into the heart of the audience attention and engage their imaginations. In this way, it will build up an interactive discourse between your brand and the audience. A delightful and attractive interactive that your audiences are not going to forget for a long time.