Holographic 3D displays is considered as an eye-catching attraction. Imagine your Company logo, marketing virtual content, or attractive images of your new product turns around in a space like a showcase and will inform your potential customers of your marketing message. Using holographic imagery in the competitive environment of exhibitions is considered as an exciting and entertaining way for attracting the visitors and putting your exhibit booth at the center of attention. Arad Co. 3D PIXELS displays will provide exciting and eye-catching effects of your products, services, and achievements which will attract the visitors’ attention to your booth.


You can buy or rent (For both short period of exhibition and for long period) these displays.

Depending on the content (Simple, semi-Complex, animation teaser), it will take 7 to 30 days.

These displays totally work with no sound. An audio system will be set on them as an option.

Yes. It can be in any colors. Notice the effect of light colors on these displays.

Display content can be a fully animated video. For more information, please refer to page ….. at the website.

No additional equipment is required.

Depending on the chosen model, give the sizes to the booth maker to apply the appropriate space arrangement. In case of deciding on having 3D displays in the nick of time, you can choose your appropriate display fit to your booth

Depending on the model, the image size vary. You should pay attention to the dimensions of the device since the appropriate space should be set for it in the company lobby, conference hall, exhibition booth, etc.

Metropolitan electric socket (220 Volt)

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