Clients’ story

Magical 32-3D Display. Daniellee Brand. Bags and Shoes

Daniellee brand has different and stylish products of bags and shoes. Danielle used 32 inch Magical 3D display and Realistic Rotational Content for 3D presentation of its new product collection in Leather Products Fair.

The first Outdoor 3D Display in the world! Turkish Airlines

This display is a developed version of its first series i.e. Extra 100 that with 3*3*3 m dimension, is considered as the first outdoor 3D display in the world. This display is the best choice for exhibitions and urban campaigns uses. Turkish Airlines got a satisfactory feedback by this display in its campaign and it is going to repeat this choice in its upcoming plans.

Magical 80 3D Display, Iran Zamin Bank

The visitors’ feedback teaser of Iran Zamin Bank’s booth in International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank & Insurance. (FINEX) (July 2016)

Touch Control of the Content of 3D Displays- Kohan Ceram CO.

Users of 3D displays selects the 3D content by touching a control panel. The fact that the user gets to select his favorite topic and give the instant play order to the 3D display by touching a panel, gives a feeling of attraction combined with power to the user that would make his experience of interacting with a display unforgettable, attractive and immortal.

Resistance of Extra300 3D Display in Harsh Weather Conditions!

In this short movie, Extra300 3D display which is special for outdoor use, is showing advertising contents non-stop and without the smallest error in a freezing snowy day.

Feedback of Turkish Airlines 3D Campaign

In the first Turkish Airlines 3D Campaign in the outer part of Laleh park mall, Tabriz, people welcomed Extra300 so warmly that made the company’s managers determined and encouraged them to have outdoor advertising plans in 3D.

Magical 80 3D Display unveiling in Pardis Technology Park

In this ceremony with attendance of some of the authorities of Tehran Ministry of Industry and Mine and senior managers of Pardis Technology Park, Sabz Fanavaran Arad model M-80 3D display was unveiled. This display has been designed to present industrial projects and products.

Magical 80- 3D Display, International Environment Exhibition 2015

Avrand Plastic Co. is active in the field of designing and supplying automobiles Polymer parts such as fuel system components and other injection parts for automobile factories in Iran and in the world. This company could present its products and accomplishments to its visitors in a totally 3D and attractive way by buying a Magical 80 3D Display and placing it in International Environment Exhibition in March 2016.

3D Display- Magical 80 Oil & Gas Exhibition 2016

Used display_ Magical 80
Location: Inside Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition Booth (Tehran- 2016)
Challenge: using a lot of models to introduce the projects. Demanding a tool to introduce the accomplishments without occupying any extra space of the booth. Placing Display Feedback: visitors, specially the foreign visitors, have given a marvelous welcome to this plan

Kinetix; Shoe Brand of Turkey

Used Magical 32 display: visitors of this shop and also the pedestrians of the main hallway of Laleh Park complex welcomed this display and the attractive show of the new models of this brand. It is estimated that around 60 percent of the visitors after watching the 3D shoe window shop were intrigued to get inside the shop and gain information about the displayed models.

Virtual assistant- Auto Parts Exhibition 2015

This system can be used to introduce features, capabilities and options of products and introduce brands in professional display centers and industrial exhibitions and just like that it performs responsibility of the person who is in charge of introducing the products and the exhibition booth. So, aside from its charm and using some attractive and audience-friendly media, it also saves time and men-power energy and the final affairs of selling would be handled by the relevant managers.

Hamoon, representative of Ritek from Taiwan- Animation contents

Bought display: Romance32_ Customized version
Location: Inside the lobby of Hamoon Co.
Usage: introducing the products to guests and clients of the company- using in exhibition booths in exhibitions related to lighting industry inside and outside the country.