Holographic content

What do 3D displays presents?

Let Your Creativity be the Only Limit.

On these displays, anything like moving text, animation, logo, image and movie, service description, etc. can be displayed under certain conditions provided that there is a 3D model. It does not mean that we can use it like a TV screen, and all inputs should be in 3D format and be standardized for displaying on these screens. Our experienced animators and 3D content developers will work with you to draw out your ideas and transform them into amazing image effects. High-quality, creative, and 3D contents will attract attentions and will give soul to your inanimate products.

We can instruct your animators the know-hows of the playable files’ setting and standards to get rid of dependency on the construction and preparation of 3D contents forever.

3D Contents Specification

Full HD and 4K

High-quality images

Virtual reality

These displays will create a surprising virtual reality of your products, services, and achievements.

Real and imaginary

Amazing mixture of real products along with a 3D narration of their specifications and services.

Create Your Own Custom Content!

In case of having access to tools for 3D content presentation through 3D PIXELS displays, you should convert it to a version that is compatible with your purchased / rented display. By taking advantage of the specifications that can be played on these displays, you can independently describe your product and service features.

What are the specifications of the contents can be presented on displays :

If the customers have the 3D files of their products provided that they have the basic prerequisites, they can provide those files to Arad Co. to be rendered in accordance with the standards required and compatible with 3D displays.

Categorization of Making Various Content Types

Real simple contents of small-sized products (Max dia.: 50cm, Max height: 100cm) will be screened by a camera and a special flywheel used for 3D making in a simple rotational filming. 3D rotation of a shoe or food product can be considered as an example.

Real simple content of large-sized products: This kind of content creation includes 360-degree 3D mapping operation, which naturally includes the related costs.

Semi-Complex Content:creating such content is the same as simple content (It includes 2 simple contents of small and large-sized products). But the information and features of the product will be displayed in an infographic animation around it.

Complex Content (3D Teaser): It contains a “Storyboard” which is a mixture of 3D design of the product, logo, etc. along with attractive 3D effects.