Extra 300 – Outdoor

Extra 300 – Outdoor

Introduce 3D PIXELS Displays to Your Company or Organization:

Since data collection is a time consuming process and your time is gold, a selected pack of product information including technical specifications and images and also samples of executive projects are provided to be presented to your company or organization.

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Product Description

3D Exhibition Booth
Attractive 3D full color display and introduce of the company’s products, projects, and services in booth stands would be considered as an audience-friendly approach for presenting the company’s capabilities and achievements. Due to the specificity of this information giving type, visitors’ presence at the booths will significantly be longer while the contents would be more attractive as well.

3D Presenter of the Companies’/Organizations’ Products and Services
By settling these displays in labi, corridor, meeting rooms, and CEO room, the company’s information including logo, services, achievements, and products are presented in 3D model and in suspended spaces for attracting visitors and the attendees.

Permanent Virtual Exhibition of Achievements and Products
3D display of the company’s achievements, products, and its modern services with capability of unlimited update at desired time intervals can be considered as other applications of ‘3D PIXELS’ 3D displays.

Animated 3D Scale Model
Instead of using conventional scale models and undertaking to pay costs for renewing them, advanced 3D displays can be used at anniversary of establishment ceremonies, for projects and new products presentation, and also big Company events. In this case, the gaps in creation of attractiveness and promotion of display tools will be eliminated.

3D Demonstrator
Convergence of these displays with classic and traditional elements including cover and architectural structures can makes them more attractive.

3D Showcase of Luxurious Products
It can have a 3D display of Precious products as gold, jewelry, watch, and other similar products in various angles. There is no need to the real object which will be very effective in terms of security and preventing theft.

3D Virtual Museum
3D PIXELS displays can be used for displaying historical artworks and cultural heritage to maintain their beauty and glory in visitors’ eyesight.

3D Advertising Displays at the Shopping Centers
These displays in large size are considered as appropriate choice for the brand owners who are looking for modern and luxurious advertising methods. Use of this display outside of Laleh Park Complex, placed in Tabriz, (with 35000 daily visits) for advertising Turkish Airline Campaign is considered as one of its successful example.