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Unifying the Augmented Reality world, A revolution in the AR technologies Phygital integration is going on...

ABOUT Tagunify


TagUnify is a platform for reflecting various information using Augmented Reality with the purpose ofincreasing the quality of daily life experience. TagUnify Team intends to create an augmented life which truly has the potential of meeting the needs of modern world by integrating 4 levels of AR technologies and using other verticals like IOT, AI, Block Chain, and Sharing Platforms. The 4 AR levels are:


-Visit Card

Room Size

-Meeting Room

Hall Size


Unlimited Size

-Outdoor events
-City landscapes
-Sky view

App Evolution



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The first version of Tagunify, based on the macro info of some cities around the world, is now available for download. Some of these pilot cities are: Amsterdam Istanbul, Ankara, Bochum, London, Torino, Berlin, Lisbon, Munich, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Boulder, Seattle, Torino, Tehran and Abu Dhabi. Just be aware that the first version of TagUnify is a pilot version that implemented in these cities and there are just 5 visible items per each city for now. If you like to have TagUnify in your city, and interested to participate in uploading important information of your city on TagUnify, feel free to contact us.

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Mixed Reality Gadget

Explore beyond limitation

TagUnify is developing a smartphone-based wearable gadget with the official name of 3D Pixels. Through this gadget, you will get the opportunity of entering the world of Mixed Reality. All augmented contents of the TagUnify platform will be available through the wearable gadget of 3D Pixels. In the near future, new versions of TagUnify app will be developed for other Mixed Reality headsets like Microsoft HoloLens, and Magic Leap as well.

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Our Team

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Mehdi Mahabati

CEO & Tech Manager
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Alireza Faraji

CTO & Product Manager
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Milad Tousi

COO & Content Manager
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Mehdi Ghorbanzadeh

CMO & Public Relation