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Magical 32-3D Display. Daniellee Brand. Bags and Shoes

Daniellee brand has different and stylish products of bags and shoes. Danielle used 32 inch Magical 3D display and Realistic Rotational Content for 3D presentation of its new product collection in Leather Products Fair.

The first Outdoor 3D Display in the world! Turkish Airlines

This display is a developed version of its first series i.e. Extra 100 that with 3*3*3 m dimension, is considered as the first outdoor 3D display in the world. This display is the best choice for exhibitions and urban campaigns uses. Turkish Airlines got a satisfactory feedback by this display in its campaign and it is going to repeat this choice in its upcoming plans.

Magical 80 3D Display, Iran Zamin Bank

The visitors’ feedback teaser of Iran Zamin Bank’s booth in International Exhibition of Exchange, Bank & Insurance. (FINEX) (July 2016)

This technology is invented to put your brand at the point of the audience’s attention and engage their imagination, and thus create an interaction discourse between your brand and the audience. A pleasant and engaging interactive, which has long been the focus of its audience.

3D Pixels is committed to providing new means of the brand new redefinition of products and services, with global standards and ongoing research and development in the design and construction of three-dimensional displays and Mixed Reality technologies. Our 4-year experience in presentation industry, marketing and mixed reality solutions, with the expanded range of applications, as well as entry into short-term rental services for the three-dimensional presence of companies and accredited organizations at trade and business exhibitions, and collaboration with trusted brands and organizations, path Has made our progress smooth.

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